Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Your Daily Tanorexic: 2 for 1 special!

I will never understand why people try to emulate Victoria Beckham. Yes she's rich and married to a very famous soccer star, but she's a plastic, tanorexic bag-of-bones whose husband cheats on her. How happy can she possibly be? She looks like a second rate blow up doll.

Anyway, here's another complete no talent trying to be Posh Spice. I don't understand this chick's appeal, either:

Eva Longoria is famous for being famous, pretty much. I love how when she started getting into movies, she made a disparaging comment about how she wasn't pathetic enough to be doing "Desperate Housewives" in five years and she was glad to be breaking into movies.

Well, several years and several bombs later, she seems grateful for "Desperate Botox Wives."

Eva and Posh both get a two on the Hogan Hue scale.

"It's fake-looking, but not nearly orange enough, brothers!"

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